Peter Y. Lu

Office: Searle 202

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago Data Science Institute working at the intersection of physics and machine learning. My research interests include physics-informed machine learning, condensed matter physics, and nonlinear dynamics, and I am more broadly interested in developing new computational methods for modeling and understanding physical systems with an emphasis on incorporating physics-informed priors and developing interpretable representation learning methods.

I received a Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 2022, and an A.B. in Physics and Mathematics from Harvard in 2016.


Feb 16, 2022 APS March Meeting 2022

Selected Publications

  1. Deep Learning for Bayesian Optimization of Scientific Problems with High-Dimensional Structure
    Samuel Kim, Peter Y. Lu, Charlotte Loh, Jamie Smith, Jasper Snoek, and Marin Soljačić
    Transactions of Machine Learning Research (2022)
  2. Discovering Conservation Laws using Optimal Transport and Manifold Learning
    Peter Y. Lu, Rumen Dangovski, and Marin Soljačić
  3. Discovering sparse interpretable dynamics from partial observations
    Peter Y. Lu, Joan Ariño Bernad, and Marin Soljačić
    Communications Physics (2022)
  4. Discovering Dynamical Parameters by Interpreting Echo State Networks
    Oreoluwa Alao*, Peter Y. Lu*, and Marin Soljačić
    NeurIPS 2021 AI for Science Workshop (2021) — Best Paper Award
  5. Integration of Neural Network-Based Symbolic Regression in Deep Learning for Scientific Discovery
    Samuel Kim, Peter Y. Lu, Srijon Mukherjee, Michael Gilbert, Li Jing, Vladimir Čeperić, and Marin Soljačić
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (2021)
  6. Extracting Interpretable Physical Parameters from Spatiotemporal Systems Using Unsupervised Learning
    Peter Y. Lu, Samuel Kim, and Marin Soljačić
    Physical Review X (2020)
  7. Energy Loss at Propagating Jamming Fronts in Granular Gas Clusters
    Justin C. Burton, Peter Y. Lu, and Sidney R. Nagel
    Physical Review Letters (2013)